How to Quickly Make Any Day a Success | This Parenting Life #001 | The Parent and Pupil Coach | @benjacksoncoach
Overreacting | Is there a cure for catastrophising? How do we remedy those times when we feel we overreact to the slightest concern? | The Parent and Pupil Coach | Ben Jackson | @benjacksoncoach | Ben White 197668

Is Overreacting Damaging your Parenting? Here’s How to Fix it.

10th May 2017 Ben 12

How often do you find ourselves reacting to the slightest concern and amplifying it to an emergency status? In some form or other most of us have noticed how and when we’ve catastrophised something.

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9 Ways Parents Can Make Their Child More Confident | The Parent and Pupil Coach | @benjackson

9 Ways Parents Can Make Their Child More Confident

11th March 2017 Ben 0

Confidence grows through experience. It’s an empirical teacher. While support and praise are the scaffolding, a parent can help build their child’s confidence through encouragement […]

Motivate Your Child With These Simple Steps |Ben Jackson|The Parent and Pupil Coach|@benjacksoncoach

Motivate Your Child With These Simple Steps

7th March 2017 Ben 0

I’ve written before about building confidence in children. Confidence is built on the other side of experience. We only achieve that feeling of being confident once […]

How To Cancel Out The Internal Critic

24th February 2017 Ben 0

How often do we find ourselves worrying about how other parents or people see us? Whilst we can’t read minds, we can paint a pretty painful picture in our heads of what we believe they’re thinking or saying to themselves. But what use is that?

Overthinking | Young adults can often struggle to make decisions as they overthink the options and potential consequences of their choices. But there is a solution. | Ben Jackson | The Parent and Pupil Coach | @benjacksoncoach

Overthinking: How To Defeat It And Get Some Freedom

21st February 2017 Ben 2

Working with some young adults recently, I came to realise that whilst they had a variety of challenges there was a common issue that most were struggling […]

This Parenting Life: Fatherhood

30th January 2017 Ben 0

Today I become a dad. For the first time. 12 years ago that is. It didn’t seem unusual until I reflected that, out of a number of reasons, I do what I do because 12 years ago I became a father.