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Growing Resilience in Children

11th October 2017 Ben 0

By using my daughter’s math homework, I explore how we can embed resilience and resourcefulness in children. Teaching our children how to manage adversity and […]

My (Son’s) First Detention

24th January 2017 Ben 0

My son got his first detention but it felt like it was mine. Nevertheless I wasn’t impressed. Since he started secondary school this year, there have […]

Dropped Out and Survived

23rd December 2016 Ben 0

I left school at 17 and it felt like coming out of a bubble. School had painted a picture of a world that was impenetrable without good […]

Ideal for those SOS moments. Here are my top 5 suggestions that you can share with your child to help them relax and regain a mindful balance.

5 Rapid Ways to Relax

22nd December 2016 Ben 0

  You may have noticed that stress, anxiety and worry don’t wait for you to have a nice quiet space to be able to relax […]