9 Ways Parents Can Make Their Child More Confident | The Parent and Pupil Coach | @benjackson

9 Ways Parents Can Make Their Child More Confident

11th March 2017 Ben 0

Confidence grows through experience. It’s an empirical teacher. While support and praise are the scaffolding, a parent can help build their child’s confidence through encouragement […]

Motivate Your Child With These Simple Steps |Ben Jackson|The Parent and Pupil Coach|@benjacksoncoach

Motivate Your Child With These Simple Steps

7th March 2017 Ben 0

I’ve written before about building confidence in children. Confidence is built on the other side of experience. We only achieve that feeling of being confident once […]

Overthinking | Young adults can often struggle to make decisions as they overthink the options and potential consequences of their choices. But there is a solution. | Ben Jackson | The Parent and Pupil Coach | @benjacksoncoach

Overthinking: How To Defeat It And Get Some Freedom

21st February 2017 Ben 2

Working with some young adults recently, I came to realise that whilst they had a variety of challenges there was a common issue that most were struggling […]

Help Your Child Resolve Social Problems and Conflicts

15th January 2017 Ben 0

Many of us face the worry of our child’s ability to make positive and healthy relationships with friends, teachers and siblings. As well as how they […]

How to Build a Positive Reference Library for Your Child’s Mind

5th January 2017 Ben 0

Setting a challenge for yourself sends a strong message about what you believe you can achieve, strengthening confidence and resilience.  When I started running I […]

The £35 Million a Week Pupil | The Parent and Pupil Coach | Ben Jackson | @benjacksoncoach

The £35 Million-a-Week Pupil

14th December 2016 Ben 0

Breaking a limiting belief often starts with dismantling the underlying assumption. Challenge that and new possibilities and options become available. The look in his eyes […]