Developing Assertiveness | The Parent and Pupil Coach Show #07

Developing Assertiveness | The Parent and Pupil Coach Show #07 | Ben Jackson | @benjacksoncoach

Often it can seem that IQ is prized higher than EQ (Emotional Intelligence). But the ability to develop and grow EQ is a powerful tool for any child.

By practising sharing how we feel in a positive, respectful and assertive way can only to boost to not only EQ but self esteem and confidence.

And so I wanted to share this moment when I took a challenging situation with my son and took it as an opportunity to help him assert his feelings.

Let me know what you think ❤️ Would mean the world to me 🙂

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About the Author

Ben Jackson is the owner of The Parent and Pupil Coach delivering behavioural change programmes for 10–16 year olds. He coaches for leadership and transition for career parents and is regularly contributing to webinars and articles.

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