Thoughts of a Father | The Parent and Pupil Coach Show #06

Thoughts of a Father | The Parent and Pupil Coach Show #06 | Ben Jackson | @benjacksoncoach

In this episode I grab a couple of minutes to share the moment my daughter told me she had a boyfriend. And in particular how we help children understand love and liking someone and everything in between.

She dropped the ‘L’ bomb. Though I knew it was coming at some point, that didn’t stop it being an ‘interesting’ parenting moment. And I am thrilled she was able to come to me and openly share this moment in her life. In addition it did give me a chance to talk to her about the variety of feelings we can have for someone that may well lead to love. As well as introducing her to boundaries and personal space.

In context, she is only 9 nevertheless I thought it was fun to share. Enjoy!


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Ben Jackson is the owner of The Parent and Pupil Coach delivering behavioural change programmes for 10–16 year olds. He coaches for leadership and transition for career parents and is regularly contributing to webinars and articles.

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