Work Life Balance | The Parent and Pupil Show #05

The Parent and Pupil Coach Show #05 | VLOG & Work / Life Balance | YouTube | Ben Jackson | @benjacksoncoach

In this episode I talk about how we can get caught up in wanting to hit that ‘balance’ when the reality it’s only ever about balancing.

Working with some parents who are transitioning back to work from parental leave, one of the themes that often gets talked about is the work life balance. And I wanted to make this video to break the belief that there is some work life nirvana that we should be aiming for. The reason I want to break this is that it’s causing a lot of stress for parents trying to have it all. So this is a must watch if you’re a parent weighed down by the pressure of making it all work, all of the time.


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Ben Jackson is the owner of The Parent and Pupil Coach delivering behavioural change programmes for 10–16 year olds. He coaches for leadership and transition for career parents and is regularly contributing to webinars and articles.

Ben Jackson | The Parent and Pupil Coach | @benjacksoncoach

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