Video: Guide to Stop Overreacting

The Parent and Pupil Coach Show | #04 | How to Cure Overreacting | Ben Jackson | @benjacksoncoach

Wouldn’t you prefer to be a little calmer, a little more relaxed with your child? To be able to keep things more in perspective?

In this video I really wanted to show you the questions you need to ask yourself if you find that you’re often overreacting or catastrophising.

Some solutions 

As I described in Is Overreacting Damaging Your Parenting, we can take a relatively simple situation and turn it into something far worse; leaving us stressed, anxious and upset. If this is something you’ve noticed yourself doing, then take a few minutes and watch the video. In it I describe the process you’re going through, how you’re getting to that state and then explain the ways to insert a pause, giving you that space to think.

Judgment free

There is no right or wrong, and your reaction maybe the right one for the moment. However, if it’s the only response you have then these ideas will give you more choice in how to respond.




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