When Unconditional Love Isn't Enough | Do you find your child shrinks from praise? Or refuse it so strongly that they begin to misbehave? While you’re authentic and genuine with your support, why aren’t they responding in the way you’d like? Isn’t unconditional love enough? | Ben Jackson | The Parent and Pupil Coach | @benjacksoncoach

When Unconditional Love Isn’t Enough

30th June 2017 Ben 0

Your efforts to support, to put a positive twist, are met with resistance. Worse still you may notice that as the praise increases your child increasingly misbehaves. But aren’t we doing everything right?

The Parent and Pupil Coach Show | #04 | How to Cure Overreacting | Ben Jackson | @benjacksoncoach

Video: Guide to Stop Overreacting

1st June 2017 Ben 0

The Parent and Pupil Coach Show | #04 | Guide to Stop Overreacting | Wouldn’t you prefer to be a little calmer, a little more relaxed with your child? To be able to keep things more in perspective?