THE PARENT DIGEST | #17 | 4th March 2017

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The Week in Words

If one wasn’t enough, I went and made another.

It occurred to me that making one video was quite an achievement. However, I believe, once you start something you need to make sure you follow that up with something soon so that it isn’t a one off. So here is episode two from The Parent and Pupil Coach Show. In it I share my own experiences of being the primary carer of my three children. And the battle of realising that what I wanted to achieve in a day often couldn’t happen. I made the video for those of us who get caught up in our frustration and don’t often see a way out.


| The Parent and Pupil Coach Show | #02
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The other reason for mentioning the second episode is not just for you to go and watch it obviously, but also to bring you the chat I had with my eldest over the last couple of weeks.

He plays the trumpet. And his teacher was enthusiastic for him to join the schools scratch orchestra. When I asked him if he would go, he said he didn’t want to because he was shy. Each week I would gently ask if he would be going and he often came back saying again he felt too shy. So I approached it in a different way. A way that was more successful. Rather than asking had he gone to the orchestra, I explained why I was so keen for him to go. And it was nothing to do with the orchestra itself.

What I said to him was that I didn’t want him to be a prisoner of shyness or fear. I didn’t want him to not feel fear of concern or worry or apprehension or shyness. But I didn’t want him to be a prisoner to it. My greatest desire was for him to break through the fear and not be trapped by it.

So, gratefully, this week he said he’d gone and that he enjoyed it. For those of you who have kept up with my blogs and articles in my work, you will know that the simple act of committing, of following through and not giving into the fear is the building blocks, the foundation for confidence and self-esteem. He now has one more reference book in his library of life that tells him not to be shy not to be fearful and that on the other side of those feelings lies happiness and hopefully achievement.

And so in that same way I didn’t let shyness or fear inhibit my making episode one or two of the videos. I just did them. And at least now I can begin to improve and refine the process.

[I expanded on this and dedicated an entire article to the subject. Just click to read Motivate Your Child With These Simple Steps]

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