My Terrifying Piano Challenge

I work with so many people and help them achieve their dreams, push through their doubts and conquer what once seemed their insurmountable challenges, that it feels – more me at least – imperative that I too find my own limits, my own boundaries and however small they are smash through them.

So often I use a phrase I heard coined by John Grinder: play to your weaknesses. Find the thing you don’t know and learn it to the best of your ability. Only that way do we truly grow.

So here’s my weakness and how I’m going to not only smash it, but crush it.

Three weeks ago a friend handed over their no longer used electric piano. Piano was always something I’d wanted to learn but never did. So, taking the opportunity I’ve started teaching myself the piano via YouTube and Google (if people in remote reaches of the planet can teach themselves thermodynamics, I sure as hell can learn to play the piano).
In a little under three weeks I’ve almost cracked the Grade 1 piece La Donna รจ Mobile (no, the irony isn’t lost on me). Yet that didn’t grip me enough, I hunger for a bigger challenge – this is after all the guy who did a marathon 6 months after taking up running – and just now in Marylebone station I find my challenge, and it scares the hell out of me.
By Christmas I intend to play a piece on the station piano. Proper terrified but damn if I’m also not a little excited too.

And now. I’ve shared it with you ?

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